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directed by Mauricio Salgado 

other works co-directed by Oriana Lada

featuring Jack Dwyer, Matt Lytle, and Jayne McLendon


Dear family, fellow artists, friends, and friends we haven't met yet,


We're excited to let you know that Houselight has received a two week residency at LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, during which we'll be workshopping and exploring the writing of María Irene Fornés. Some of you saw Jayne McLendon, Matt Lytle, and Jack Dwyer in Mauricio Salgado's production of María Irene Fornés' Mud during the Brown/Trinity program's 2017 spring season. Several months later, we found ourselves missing each other, Irene's words, and the dynamic energy of Mauricio's rehearsal room. Beginning this November, we will be doing a preliminary workshop through a residency at LaGuardia Performing Arts Center--exploring ways to deepen and expand our relationship with Fornes' work, and preparing to present our work to potential producers and festivals for a future full production! We're thrilled to be getting back together, to have a space to play in for two weeks, and to make an attempt to honor María Irene Fornés' writing.


- Jack Dwyer

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